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Hi Dr. Jen:

Can you speak a bit about pelvic floor dysfunction? My 76-year-old mother has been basically sitting on an ice pack in pain for going on 2 years and after many consults, being told she has varicose veins in her vagina, having a benign growth removed from one ovary (and the ovary removed, too), and being told she should just take Valium, she learned this week--from the medical tech! not the surgeon! or gynecologist!--that her symptoms sounded like pelvic floor dysfunction, stem from having a tight vagina, and can be remedied with physical therapy, specifically the use of a type of TENS unit to open the vaginal area. This medical tech said she has the same issue and shared that it's quite common in older women. My mother being a bit passive and shy about these matters, nor my prudish father accompanying her for appointments, did not help. My sister stepped in and went to this latest appointment where this latest possibility was raised. We're so frustrated, in countless ways. Any of your refreshing perspective is welcome.

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