Thank you Dr. Gunter! I’m an MD in Georgia. I agree with you 100% and believe it’s really important to give my patients information about what they might expect to happen after a vaccine. Otherwise people get anxious!! Like in so many other situations, people are not so interested in studying menstruation and are too prudish to mention to patients even what we do know. It makes me happy to learn from you! Thank you!!!

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Thank you so much for this!!! I feel like crying tears of joy that I found your blog. I have been strategizing when I should time my vaccination based on my cycle and all the symptoms I’m have in general and how sensitive it is. I wish there was more data and I’m so glad that a study was approved.

For clarity - does the J and J vaccine not effect Tlrs? (In theory of course)

Thank you again for this enlightening post.

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On a related note...I had postmenopausal bleeding when I had COVID, well into menopause. No subsequent bleeding.

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Hello, Dr. Gunter! I’m a CNM in OR, and thoroughly enjoy & appreciate all you share! You’ve helped to improve my practice, and have been a wonderful resource for myself, my patients, and my friends.

I am curious as to whether you know of any updated information on this topic of COVID-19 and vaccinations and menstrual cycles. As always, thank you for all you do, and for your wonderful advocacy!

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Dr. Jen Gunter, my name is Barbara, I am Italian and I am a health worker, suffering from endometriosis, I have undergone several operations for the presence of ovarian cysts and important abdominal adhesions, fibroids and uterine polyps that they have been removed and following the operations; I have developed pelvic varicles.

I am waiting for a further intervention (the fifth). I also suffer from autoimmune thyroiditis.

At the moment I have not been vaccinated against covid 19, I am obliged by decree law but I am afraid of worsening my symptomatological and pathological situation.

Could you please give me the directions on how to behave?

Thank you.

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So I realized yesterday that I haven’t had my period since getting my second dose on March 26. It could just be a coincidence...

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