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Blood: the Science, Medicine and Mythology of Menstruation.

Available January 23, 2024

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Most women can expect to have hundreds of periods in a lifetime. And yet few are given the tools to understand the science of their own cycle, how it changes over their lifetime, and how it connects to their overall health.Despite its significance, most education about menstruation focuses either on increasing the chances of pregnancy or preventing it. And while both are crucial, women deserve to know more about their bodies than just what happens in service to reproduction. Instead, the patriarchy has weaponized menstruation through outdated cultural norms, medical dismissal, inadequate menstrual accommodations, and useless products. To distinguish medicine from mythology, people need information. To advocate for ourselves, we need to know how our bodies work. Consequently, many people suffer in silence, thinking their bodies are uniquely broken, or turn to disreputable sources. This is the true curse, and we break that curse with knowledge.

Early Praise for BLOOD

  • “Gynecologist Gunter (The Menopause Manifesto) delivers a superb overview of “the menstrual cycle and the medical conditions and therapies with” it. …Gunter is a sharp critic of the ways in which menstrual complications have been dismissed by the medical establishment (she notes that despite painful periods affecting a majority of women, they are often dismissed as “exaggerated and a sign of weakness” while “billions of dollars of funding” are showered on erectile dysfunction), and her talent for explicating the biology of periods will engage even the scientifically uninclined. Filled with piercing social analysis and enlightening science, this one’s a winner.”—Publishers Weekly STARRED Review

  • “Requisite reading. A no-nonsense, educational, science-backed, in-depth title about menstruation and the impact it can have on one’s body. This title will empower readers to better understand their bodies and to advocate for themselves in medical situations.”  - Library Journal STARRED Review

  • “This book is the brilliant and long needed corrective that we have waited for, since the first time we stuffed a box of pads into a three-ply paper bag and slunk out of a pharmacy. Never again.” – Samantha Bee

  • "Funny, erudite, compassionate, and righteous—sometimes all in a single sentence—Jen Gunter is the period expert we need right now." – Emily Nagoski, PhD, New York Times bestselling author of Come Together

  • “Clear, candid, and crucial information about a bodily process that has often been used as an excuse to shun, degrade, dismiss, and define human beings. Gunter deftly shovels away the patriarchal BS that's piled up around menstruation and digs into the most effective ways to live with and manage it, treat conditions related to it, and move past the myths concocted about it. An essential resource for anyone who menstruates or thinks menstruation is a mystery.” – Emily Willingham, PhD, author of Phallacy

  • “Once again, Dr. Jen Gunter is our friendly and supremely informed guide ad teacher, unveiling the many ways our societal and personal discomfort have too often kept us in the dark. Anyone who wants to have true agency over their lives and health will appreciate going on the sanguine journey of the cycle that gives life to us all.”– Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, author of Closer Together: Knowing Ourselves. Loving Each Other.

Menopause Manifesto

The Menopause Manifesto was released on May 25, 2021 and became an instant NY Times and #1 Canadian Best Seller. This book brings you empowerment through knowledge by countering stubborn myths and misunderstandings about menopause with hard facts, real science, fascinating historical perspectives, and expert advice.

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The Menopause Manifesto: Own Your Health with Facts and Feminism by [Jennifer Gunter]

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“An exhilarating read and a comprehensive review of all things menopause.”

Lori Davis, DNP, NCMP
North American Menopause Society

The Vagina Bible

The Vagina Bible was released on August 27, 2019 and became an instant NY Times and Canadian Best Seller. It is the definitive book on vaginal health, answering the questions you’ve always had but were afraid to ask—or couldn’t find the right answers to. It has been translated into over 20 different languages.

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